Snorkel the only living coral reef in North America.

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Experience the number 1 dolphin and glassbottom tour in Key West with Ocean Vue Adventures

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Join us for a unique shallow water dive that is perfect for those looking for a diving alternative.

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Ocean Vue Snorkel

Board the futuristic 'Ocean Vue', a hydrofoil boat with a massive glass viewing area. You'll be whisked away to explore the underwater world of Key West in comfort, all while staying completely dry or jump right in! Admire the thousands of tropical fish, wild dolphins in their natural habitat and the beautiful and colorful coral formations!

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Schooner Reef Cruise

Located just a few miles off the coast of Key West is the continental United States only living coral reef ecosystem. A coral reef ecosystem is a beautiful underwater world that is made up of dozens of variety of coral species. These corals come in different shapes, sizes and textures. They provide an ideal nutrient-rich home for all kinds of marine species ranging from turtles to lobster to hundreds of brightly-colored reef fish.

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Catamaran Reef Snorkel

Sometimes the most basic things are the best. When it comes to snorkeling tours, our Key West Reef Snorkeling Adventure provides you with the most down-to-basics and, in turn, the most perfect, Key West snorkeling experience out there. Once you take a peek underneath the surface you will understand why this continues to be Key West's most popular water activity.

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Key West Snorkeling Tours

Key West snorkeling tours provide the number one rated snorkeling tours in Key West all on one website to make it easy for you to find the best one to fit your Key West vacation. So grab a mask and a snorkel and join us on one of our daily adventures that take you out on the beautiful waters of Key West for a full day of fun and adventure. Snorkel the most popular Key West attraction, the living coral reef, and relax on the boat ride out and back. There are so many different ways to do a snorkeling trip:

Snorkel and Dolphin Encounters

Many people don’t get the chance in their lifetime to encounter dolphins in the wild. By boarding Ocean Vue Snorkel and Dolphin Encounter in Key West, you not only get a unique view at top speeds of the ocean and it’s wildlife from the expansive glass-bottom boat out to the snorkel spots of the coral reef and get the chance to snorkel with sea turtles and a dazzling array of tropical fish. Get the chance to encounter the wild dolphins, and see how the happy mammals play and interact with each other and with you.

Snorkel and Sail Combos

Do you like history and water sports? Then Schooner Reef Cruise will be the breath of fresh air you needed for your Key West vacation and snorkel adventure. You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time after setting a-foot this schooner. And on top of the awesome boat, the crew leads you out to the only living coral reefs in the continental United States. After snorkeling the waters that lie a few miles off the coast of Key West, guests are provided with a lunch filled with fresh shrimp, fried chicken, ingredients to make your own sandwiches, and a variety of fruits. On the breezy ride back to mainland, guests can enjoy complimentary beer and wine.

If your looking to step aboard something that is more modern, try Catamaran Reef Snorkel. On this tour, you get to sail on a luxurious 69 foot sailing catamaran, and get to explore the living coral reef’s ecosystem in style. If you are looking for a shorter snorkeling trip, this is the one for you, lasting only one and a half hours of actual hours of snorkeling and the rest of it traveling by boat.

Snorkel, Sunset, and Music

If you are a reggae/ island music enthusiast, and looking for a snorkel adventure in Key West, then look no further than Rum and Reggae snorkeling tour. This top rated snorkeling tour even throws in a sunset sail at the end of the day, which also includes unlimited soda, beer, water, or their famous rum punch. This relaxed tour leaves later than most, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning, and leave in the afternoon.